This site is about the now-defunct SWM3D / Hobby-Fab variant of the OpenBuilds OX. SWM3D offered three sizes:

  • 500mm x 750mm
  • 750mm x 1000mm
  • 1500mm x 1500mm

SWM3D offered this comparison chart: Comparison chart

The original OpenBuilds OX build is the base source of documentation, and has links to all the requires OpenBuilds parts. This site has additional information and specifics for the kits sold by SWM3D / Hobby-Fab.

(Information on the R7 router is separately available on GitHub.)


Maker Forums has an OX CNC category. The OpenBuilds OX build contains a forum under the “Discussions” tab.

Build Instructions

SMW3D published several sets of build instructions. Here are some originals:

  • Small Format with photographs (revised order of build steps)
  • Large Format with photographs (revised order of build steps)
  • Modified version of OpenBuilds Z axis build instructions, with models

The OpenBuilds OX build has build videos, electronics suggestions, and even sticker packs if you want to decorate your router with OpenBuilds OX logos.

Build Assets

More CAD files are coming in SolidWorks and open formats at some time in the future.